Citations: Any papers or reports that make use of GESLA data should include an acknowledgement to this website and cite the papers by Haigh et al. (2021) and Woodworth et al. (2017). We also ask that users cite Caldwell et al. (2015) in acknowledgment of the central role of the Joint Archive for Sea Level (JASL)/ University of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC) dataset in GESLA-3 (and earlier versions). We would be grateful to be notified of such papers and, if possible, sent copies of them.

Format: Get details about the data format here.

License: Please read about the license here before using the dataset.

GESLA Dataset Versions

VersionRelease date
3.0November 2021

Download – Version 3.0

Click on the buttons below to download:

  • A zip file containing the entire GESLA-3 dataset. The size of the zip file is 5.15 GB and when unzipped the data files are a total of 38.72 GB;
  • A csv file containing the meta-data (e.g., station names, code, latitudes and longitudes, etc); and
  • A KML file for plotting the location of all the station records in google earth.

Click on the buttons below to download Matlab and Python scripts for reading GESLA-3 records.

Download – Version 2.0

The older version 2.0 of the GESLA dataset can be downloaded from our previous website, click here to access.