The entire GESLA-3 dataset can be freely used for research, but there are some limits for users wishing to use the dataset for consultancy purposes. The table below lists which datasets can be freely used for research and/or consultancy. For example, users wishing to use the records provided by CV, UZ and CMEMS for consultancy purposes, must contact these organisations to obtain permission first (or in the case of CMEMS the organisations that provided the data to them). In summary, the data are accessible, but are covered by several different licences, some of which are non-commercial, by-attribution, or a combination of conditions. Access to the data does not currently require authentication, so restricted data are open to all, and we ask users to comply with the license conditions.

NumberAbbreviated nameFull nameUse
1UHSLCUniversity of Hawaii Sea level CenterResearch and consultancy
2NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationResearch and consultancy
3CMEMSCopernicus Marine Environment Monitoring ServiceResearch (for consultancy contact data owners directly)
4MEDSMarine Environmental Data SectionResearch and consultancy
5USGSUnited States Geological SurveyResearch and consultancy
6BOMBureau of MeteorologyResearch and consultancy
7RWSRijkswaterstaatResearch and consultancy
8JODC_JMAJapan Oceanographic Data Center, Japan Meteorological AgencyResearch and consultancy
9SMHISwedish Meteorological and Hydrological InstituteResearch and consultancy
10REFMARRéseaux de référence des observations marégraphiques (Reference networks for tidal observations)Research and consultancy
11BODCBritish Oceanographic Data CentreResearch and consultancy
12CDWRCalifornia Department of Water ResourcesResearch and consultancy
13JODC_JCGJapan Oceanographic Data Center, Japan Coast GuardResearch and consultancy
14NHSNorwegian Hydrographic ServiceResearch and consultancy
15JODC_GIAJJapan Oceanographic Data Center, Geospatial Information Authority of JapanResearch and consultancy
16WSVWasserstraßen-und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes (Federal Waterway and Shipping Administration)Research and consultancy
17JODC_PAHBJapan Oceanographic Data Center, Ports and Harbours BureauResearch and consultancy
18SFWMDSouth Florida Water Management DistrictResearch and consultancy
19ISPRAInstituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research)Research and consultancy
20IEOInstituto Español de Oceanografía (Spanish Istitute of Oceanography)Research and consultancy
21DAData ArchelogyResearch and consultancy
22UNAMNational Autonomous University of MexicoResearch and consultancy
23FMIFinnish Meteorological InstituteResearch and consultancy
24DMIDanish Meteorological InstituteResearch and consultancy
25BFGBundesanstalt Für Gewässerkunde(Federal Institute of Hydrology)Research and consultancy
26MI_CMarine Institute (Coastal sites)Research and consultancy
27CCOCoastal Channel ObservatoryResearch and consultancy
28NOCNational Oceanography CentreResearch and consultancy
29NWFWMDNorth West Florida Water Management DepartmentResearch and consultancy
30ESEASEuropean Sea-Level ServiceResearch and consultancy
31ICGIcelandic Coast Guard Hydrographic and Maritime Safety DepartmentResearch and consultancy
32UZUniversity of ZagrebResearch (for consultancy contact data owners directly)
33NCDEMNorth Carolina Department of Emergency ManagementResearch and consultancy
34CVCity of Venice, Tide Forecasts and Reporting CenterResearch (for consultancy contact data owners directly)
35MI_RMarine Institute (River Sites)Research and consultancy
36GLOSSGlobal Sea Level Observing SystemResearch and consultancy